PDF Data Merge

PDF Data Merge is an online utility that merges your spreadsheet data into a PDF. Simply provide a fillable PDF template and a spreadsheet. Let PDF Data Merge take care of the rest.

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Multiple Browsers

Works with Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, among other browsers.


Available whether you are at the office or on the go, if you have a PDF file and spreadsheet (and an Internet connection), this utility can convert your files without additional PDF software.

Get Results Delivered

You can receive all of your generated PDFs as a single large PDF file (for easy printing), or in a ZIP file with individualized PDFs (for easy archival).

Our Features

Cross Platform

Whether your users are on Windows, Mac, or Linux, this utility will allow them to generate PDFs that work across platforms.

Supported File Types

Supports Excel (*.xls, *.xlsx), Libre/OpenOffice, and CSV spreadsheets.

Output Options

Get a PDF per data row or a merged PDF containing all rows

Document Wizard

Inspects your files and identifies potential field mismatches and errors

Document Preview

Allows you to preview and double check the output before generating the final copy

Document History

Logs all requested documents, templates used, and number of PDFs produced

Choose a plan that fits your needs


$25 / month

  • Autofill 100+ fields
  • Create 50+ PDFs at a time


$10 / month

  • Autofill up to 100 fields
  • Create up to 50 PDFs at a time


$0 / month

  • Autofill up to 100 fields
  • Create 1 PDF at a time

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